Report: Pre-Conference Student Workshop for CESUN2018


Associate Professor Hiekata Kazuo and Project Researcher Sioen Giles from the University of Tokyo organized the pre-conference workshop of the Council of Engineering Systems Universities CESUN 2018. The workshop was in line with the objectives of the Global Teamwork Lab (GTL) and the Brightline Initiative to help solve the gap between strategy and implementation.

This pre-conference student workshop was to have students from a variety of places for CESUN 2018 to get together. They had the opportunity to share experiences and thoughts on the future of engineering systems. Also, they were able to improve their research design and establish a new support network.

     Date:June 19th, 2018

     Time: 13:00 ~ 16:00

     Location: Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 3 Room 438 (Fourth floor), Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo

     Participants by University

         A total of 21 students from various universities from around the world joined the workshop as shown here: The University of Tokyo - 9, Keio University - 5, The George Washington University - 3, KAIST - 1, Stevens Institute of Technology - 1, Seoul National University - 1, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 1



1. Introduction with brief self-introductions by everyone     

2. Roundtable peer sharing

3. Topical rotation 

4. Closing statement

5. After party

Roundtable peer sharing

     The participants were divided into groups of +- 5 people and introduced their research within the group. This gave them the chance to receive feedback and suggestions from peers. 

Students showed their research topic within the group

Topical Rotation

     The participants pitched their topics of interest and were divided into three groups to discuss the following topics: "How to select journals", "How to conduct interdisciplinary work / what disciplines to focus on? ", and" What system engineering is ". A rotation of the groups is organized every several minutes with a core member remaining on each board to facilitate the discussion and inform the new members of the previous findings. This "world cafe" style workshop was introduced to spark conversations and get better insights on the topics as a result. 

Discussing students

They discussed how to select journals or conference. They found that not only the subject or IF but also the review time is one of the points.

 They discussed how to conduct interdisciplinary work / what disciplines to focus on. They found that conversation is good chance to begin.

They discussed what system engineering is. They found challenges and benefits of system engineering.


Opening session

Self-introduction session

Group picture of the participants

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