Report: GTL Strategy and implementation workshop 2018



This session was to introduce the systems approach used in the Global Teamwork Lab (GTL) and the Brightline Initiative to students and faculty members in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS).

Students had the opportunity to listen to past participants of the MIT exchange program experience (2017 and 2018) on first hand  and were able to participate in a workshop about system approach to help understand the benefits in their own research.


     Date:June 07th, 2018

     Time:15:00 ~ 17:00

     Participants by department

          OTPE - 7, ENVYS - 1, GPSS-GLI - 6, ALS - 1, HEES - 5, CSE - 1, SI - 1, ES - 1

          Total - 23


1. Introduction about System thinking, GTL and Brightline initiative in GSFS       

     Associate Professor, Hiekata Kazuo - “Do you know what systems thinking is?”

     Project Researcher, Sioen Giles - “Systems thinking and urban agriculture”

2. Student Experience

     Rey Sunbin Yoo - “Synthesizing system thinkings to the research”

     Igor Voroshilov - “GTL System Thinking Workshop 2018 March 5~10”,

     Tatsuya Kaneko - “Model-based design for maritime industry”

3. Workshop: Applying system thinking in your research  

     Marc-Andre Chavy-Macdonald

4. Panel Discussion

     Rey Sunbin Yoo, Igor Voroshilov, Tatsuya Kaneko, Takayuki Kajihara, Minori Narita, Marc-Andre Chavy-Macdonald

5. Closing Statement

      Associate Professor, Hiekata Kazuo

Panel Discussion

The students from The University of Tokyo that visited MIT answered questions from the audience about their experiences. There was consensus among the students that this experience helped them clearly define their objectives and narrow down their research topic. Some reported changing how they approach their research problem statement, which also led to methodological improvements. All in all, they were able to advance their research.

It was stated that some students fear that systems approach will complicate their research; however, several of the MIT exchange members pointed out that the opposite happened. The reason is because applying the systems approach allowed them to have a clearer idea of who the stakeholders are and what the relationships between them are. This enabled them to make their projects more relevant for the stakeholders and society in general.


Student showed his experience in MIT

Student present her research and the improvements made.


 Students in the system thinking workshop

Every group had a SVN expert to help in the dynamic

Q&A Session in the Panel Discussion

Presenters answering Question from public

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