Systems Approach Workshop and Report (March MIT workshop) was held on June 7th


Do you know what systems thinking is?


This session is to introduce the systems approach used in the Global Teamwork Lab (GTL) and the Brightline Initiative to students and faculty in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS). We will report on past 1 week exchanges in March and 10 weeks stay between UTokyo and MIT, and offer a hands-on workshop that can help you explore the possibilities of applying systems thinking in your own research.

Date: 2018年06月7日 (木)
Time: 14:55-17:00 (door opens: 14:50)
Venue: 3F lecture room, Environmental building, Kashiwa campus
Language: English (Japanese speakers are welcome)


1. Introduction lectures:Systems thinking, GTL, and Brightline in GSFS
      - Associate Professor HIEKATA Kazuo, HEES
      - Project Researcher SIOEN Giles, HEES

2. Student experience: GSFS at System Design and Management, MIT
      - Rey Sunbin Yoo, ENVSY
      - Igor Voroshilov, GPSS-GLI
      - Tatsuya Kaneko, OTPE

3. Workshop (30min.): Applying systems thinking in your research
      - Hands-on workshop (SVN building)

4. Panel discussion: Brightline Initiative and GTL Research Program

5. Closing remarks by Associate Professor HIEKATA Kazuo, HEES

GTL Systems Approach Workshop at MITは、本研究科の様々な専攻の修士・博士論文の研究が、社会にどうやって価値を還元しようとしているかを学生に明示的に認識させることで、学生が学術に取り組むことへの動機づけを行う機会を目指して行った。
(1) 修士博士論文での自身の専門分野が達成しようとしている機能を他分野の研究者に分かりやすく説明すること
2017 年度は複数のプログラムや研究プロジェクトからの支援をいただき、環境系、生命系、基盤系のすべての系の学生と学部生を派遣した。

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