MIT Technology Showcase and Project Forum




Date: 2018.1.8(Mon)

Location: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)Samberg Conference Center

In MIT SDM (System Design & Management) course, students work on the "Core Project" for around 5 months from January to May, which is team project to practice SDM methods for various kinds of topics proposed by industries.

As a part of UTokyo-MIT-Industry Joint  Program for Pioneering Frontier, 6 people from JMU(Japan Marine United Corporation), Oshima Shipbuilding, MHI(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), Class NK, MOL(Mitsui O.S.K Lines), NMRI(National Maritime Research Institute) proposed 8 project topics, and 2 topics, "Transportation System by Zero Emission Ship"、"LNG Supply Chain to Island Countries - How do we design new LNG supply chain? -", were accepted.

IAP Boot Camp


Technology Showcase

  In the Technology Showcase, MIT SDM students made a poster session to report the applications of state-of-the-art technology.

Pitch from Participants

The participants of the education program made short pitch to propose their problem to SDM students. Students voted and 2 topics were accepted on the basis of these presentation.

Mentoring for SDM Student Team

For the accecpted topics, the participants from Japan joint the project as mentors until the final presentation in May.  During this visiting, they had several meeting to advise the future direction with SDM students.

Joint Workshop

The participants also joined other workshops with SDM students, including stakeholder analysis, ideation, and project management workshop.

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