8th GTL Symposium Closing the Gap: Designing and Delivering a Strategy that Works




Date: 2018.2.2(Fri)

Location: The University of Tokyo Hongo Campus Ito International Research Center

Most companies struggle to bridge the cap between strategy and implementation.
Brightline Initiative is a non-commercial coalition dedicated to helping organizations bridge the gap between strategy design and strategy delivery, which is sponsored by PMI (Project Management Institute), BCG(Boston Consulting Group), the Agile Alliance and so on.

In this symposium, Ricardo Viana Vargas (Executive Director of the Brightline Initiative), who was global director of the Infrastructure and Project Management Group with the UNOPS(United Nations Office for Project Services), made a presentation about how to close the gap between strategy and implementation. Also, panel discussion was held on the basis of his presentation.


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Presentation from Mr. Vagas

 Mr. Vagas provided a speech about the importance to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation, and what is the guiding principles to close the gap.

Panel Discussion

  Prof. Kazuo Hiekata(UTokyo), Prof. Kenji Tanaka(UTokyo) and Dr. Bryan Moser discussed with Mr. Vagas about his presentation from various perspectives.

About 50 Audiences

About 50 people participated our symposium from various kinds of fields。

Networking Session

At the faculty club in the Ito International Research Center, we had a networking session. 

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