Call for Participants for GTL Systems Approach Workshop 2018 at MIT


Call for Participants: GTL Systems Approach Workshop 2018 at MIT

1. Program Overview

GTL(Global Teamwork Lab) is a team for education and research jointly by Graduate School of Frontier Sciences and MIT. GTL offers an opportunity for students to join a workshop at MIT. GTL pays the travel expenses for all of the participating students.

If selected, you have to create a poster based on your thesis or other projects using systems approach and method. The creation of the proposal is the chance for you to think the meaning and impact of your thesis or other projects. You will think your project as a system by defining the boundary of your project, being aware of the stakeholders and exploring the options. The most important insight from creating system model of your project is that you have to identify the “need” of your project. The “need” is the interface of your research project and the society. You can understand the social impact of your project through the activity even if your project is a purely scientific or technological one.

Date of the workshop:March 5 to 9, 2018
Itinerary: March 4, Departure from Tokyo/Arrival in Boston
           March 10, Departure from Boston
           March 11, Arrival in Tokyo
URL: http://gtl.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/
     and http://gtl.mit.edu/

2. Eligibility

 * Undergraduate students of The University of Tokyo

 * Graduate students of Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The
   University of Tokyo

You need to get a permission from your supervisor or your department. If you need VISA for US immigration, please contact gtl@is.k.u-tokyo.ac.jpbefore creating the proposal. We will start the VISA procedure before selection process.

3. Application Procedure

Send the following application form and CV to gtl@is.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp
by Jan. 16, 2018. We will prioritize earlier submissions.

Application Form:

4. Selection

We will evaluate your proposals based on two points. The first one is depth of understating of each techniques for systems methods, because the participants will discuss the topic with researchers and student of MIT based on the technique. Optimal Systems Design (A1A2 lecture course of GSFS) covers most of the topics. If you did not enroll the lecture course, ask gtl@is.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp <mailto:gtl@is.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp> to get the permission to the class materials of ITC-LMS. The textbook, “System Architecture: Strategy and Product Development for Complex Systems” by E. Crawley, B. Cameron and D. Selva is also helpful.

The second is how much the proposal can attract others based on social impact, originality and presentation of your contents.

5. Obligation for the selected participants

 * Visit MIT on the specified itinerary

 * Present a poster in the workshop at MIT on March 5, 2018.

 * Support the preparation of the workshop in Kashiwa and MIT.

6. Travel Expense Support

 * Accommodation and Air Flight will be fully covered

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