Special Seminar by Ira Winder from MIT Media Lab was held.



As a part of Global Teamwork Lab activity, GTL hosted a seminar by Ira Winder from MIT Media Lab. GTL(Global Teamwork Lab) is a team for education and research jointly by GSFS and MIT.
[Special Seminar by Ira Winder]
Time: Feb 10th. 13:00-14:00.
Venue: Lecture Room 2, Environment Building (2nd floor)
Language: English
Speaker: Ira Winder, Research Scientist at MIT Media lab

Look of seminar

  Fine and attractive presentation

  Participants were almost students.


The Tactile Matrix, or Tangible Interactive Matrix is a system for an illuminated, machine-readable matrix of objects that performs real-time computation and dynamic projection-mapping. The Tactile Matrix is applied to many research projects to make complex systems intuitive and approachable for a more broad range of stakeholders.
Illuminated, tangible-interactive matrices have immediate applications as collaborative computation tools for users who want to leverage matrix-based mathematical modeling techniques within a friendly and accessible environment. The system is designed as an open source kit of both off-the-shelf items (such as Lego) and components that are inexpensively fabricated with standard equipment (such as laser cutters).
The Tactile Matrix is designed to (a) make matrix-based mathematical methods more accessible and intuitive to users who otherwise do not have access to such tools and/or (b) provide an interactive narrative and story-telling device for experts who wish to present or explain matrix-based concepts to non-experts.
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