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  • NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) is an international mass collaborative hackathon by NASA. GTL support the participant to international team in Boston from UTokyo. The detail information is here.

  • the 3rd GTL Symposium “Multidisciplinary Graduate Education for Research University” will be held. More detail is here.

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  • Participation to NASA ISAC 2016 in BOSTON

    NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) is an international mass collaborative hackathon by NASA. Many people with different background create some teams and they challenge to solve problems to advance space exploration missions and improve our life on Earth. This hackathon will be held at some 100+ locations and each winner can proceed the next stage.

    GTL support your participation in ISAC / Boston. 5 students joined this event this year, and they enjoyed Ideathon (April. 9th, 2016), and Hackathon (April. 23rd-24th, 2016) for the mixed-team with Boston.

      Official page for ISAC 2016


    April 9th 8:00~11:00 JST

     Ideathon was held on April 9th, 2016 to decide the theme for the Hackathon. Connecting with Boston team by Google Hangout, participants made presentations on their own idea.
      All 3 idea from UTokyo / Kashiwa were selected as the theme for the Hackathon by vote !

    Theme Selected

    "Body-Watcher" / Kodai Ito

    "Global Ocean App" / Ronald Muhammad

    "Southeast Asia Fire Alert" / Windy Iriana

    Until the Hackathon on April 23rd - 24th, 2016, participants will have prepared for the Hackathon with Boston team members.


    April 23rd 9:00 GMT - 24th 15:00 GMT

    Hackathon was held on April 23th and 24th.
    The team including Kodai Ito won the Best use of Bluemix!

    The members of Body-Watcher
  • 3rd GTL Symposium ~Multidisciplinary Graduate Education for Research University~

    Date: Mar. 10th - 11th, 2016

     What is Multidisciplinary Graduate Education? How can we foster collaboration across Industry and Academia?
     We invited Assoc. Prof. Noelle E. Selin, specialist in the field of environmental systems, and other distinguished researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to be guest speakers. This event provided the venue for panel discussions on the themes of "Multidisciplinary Education for Research Universities" and "Collaboration across Industry and Academia". A poster session by GSFS graduate students followed.
    Event Page

    DAY 1

    ~ Multidisciplinary Education for Research Universities ~
    Mar. 10th @FS hall, Environmental building, UTokyo Kashiwa Campus

    Lecture & Discussion

      The topic of Day 1 is “multidisciplinary education for research universities”. The presenters came from various faculties and universities, UTokyo GSFS, MIT SDM, MIT TPP, Boston University, University of Michigan and Keio SDM. Each presenter talked about their faculty’s history and curriculum. Unlike classic research universities, every university coming this event has emphasized multidisciplinary education but has different approach and curriculum style.

    Presentation by GTL Student Team

      GTL Students team gave presentation about their activity on developing the new course. This is the course that originally held at MIT, students and industry collaboratively solve the problem which is given by the industry. In last autumn, GTL students team worked on this project with Industry. In the presentation, GTL students team showed that they has taken several meeting with Industry and MIT. Furthermore, They showed great idea for solving the problem thanks to the collaboration between UTokyo, MIT, and Industry. This was the example and kick off of collaboration between UTokyo, MIT and Industry.

    Lunch Break

      Guests from MIT and participants enjoyed sandwich and sushi. Coffee is also served. All the professor and student from various countries and fields actively interact with each other and exchanged their opinion.

    Poster Presentation

      At the end of the event, some active students from GSFS and other universities took poster presentations. Topic for poster was free, so there were many kinds of research posters. Fortunately, most of all poster were related to the actual social challenges, which was the topic guests from MIT also studying on. Not only the guests but also the participants and the presenters enjoyed the session and actively interact their opinion.

    DAY 2

    ~ Collaboration across Industry and Academia ~
    Mar. 11th @Future Center Kashiwa-no-ha, UTokyo

    Lecture & Discussion

      Guest speakers from MIT presented their researches on the theme of "Collaboration across Industry and Academia". All presentation related social problem and had active collaboration with industry. At the discussion session, participants from various background, such as students, faculty and industry, actively discussed the topic based on their own experiences

    Coffee Break

      At the break time, participants and guests from MIT enjoyed talking (sometimes discussion), drinking coffee.

  • 2nd GTL Symposium "Project Design for Complex Global Engineering ーInnovation for Complex Systems Projectsー "

    We invited the specialists from MIT. New research and methods on the integration of system engineering, system architecture, and project management methods are introduced and open for discussion during this symposium.

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